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Международная Ассоциация Интегративной Медицины
Express cources of thematic development from 3.06.2019 - 7.06.2019

"Electropuncture diagnostics,
medical testing and and therapy"

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23.05.2019 - 24.05.2019

International Association of Integrative Medicine

General provisions

The international public organization “International Association of Integrative Medicine” is voluntary international public organization which unites citizens of Ukraine, foreign citizens and persons without citizenship for realization of the main tasks which are provided by the Statute of International Association Integrative of Medicine.

In the Organization support of projects which can be used in the rascally purposes against mankind is forbidden, war propagation, violent and cruelty, nationalism and chauvinism, kindling social, religiousness and racial enmity is not supposed.

The organization has the status international and extends the activity to territory of Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Turkey, Czech, Sweden, the USA, Spain, etc. the countries. The organization is created and operates according to the Constitution of Ukraine, the current legislation of Ukraine, the ratified international agreements and the Organization Statute. The satisfaction and protection of lawful social, economic, scientific, professional and other general interests of its members is an overall objective of activity of the Organization.

The basic tasks of Association
Assistance to concept introduction “Integrative medicine” as branch of medicine which uses in the activity both traditional, and nonconventional methods of diagnostics and treatment. Which activity is directed on achievement of positive results in profound diagnostics and treatment of bioobjects on all spectrum of diseases, irrespective of their weight;
Assistance to introduction of methods integrative medicine in practice of medical activity in Ukraine and other countries;
Assistance to information service of members of the Organization on subjects integrative medicine;
Assistance in distribution of the medical equipment, techniques of inspection and treatment of the population, applied in integrative to medicine;
Assistance to adjustment of mutually advantageous contacts between representatives of the Ukrainian and foreign experts in area integrative medicine;
Assistance to generalization of world experience of activity in sphere integrative medicine;
Assistance to introduction of mutual trust, mutual reliability, decency and business partnership in mutual relations between members of the Organization and consumers of services integrative medicine;
Acquaintance of the public with activity of the Organization and its members;
Assistance to introduction of high ethical standards of medical activity in area integrative medicine;
Assistance to training, vocational training of members of the Organization

Membership in association is divided into following levels:
Corporate level;
Legal bodies;
Physical persons.
A.Achmatovoy st. 13D
02068, Kiyv, UKRAINE
tel.: +380 44 500-02-02
vodafone: +38050 565 6464
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