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Express cources of thematic development from 8.04.2019 - 12.04.2019

"Electropuncture diagnostics,
medical testing and and therapy"

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Medical Center "Altimed" / Therapeutic group of the techniques applied in centre "Altimed"

The induction and mesoinduction therapy realised in devices Helper-BRT and the Therapeutic Complex (ТP) АТМ:

Therapeutic levels of influence

  1. psychovegetative
  2. neuroendocrinal
  3. matrixal (mesenchymal)

In the course of induction therapy the electromagnetic signals coinciding on the parameters with a spectrum of electromagnetic waves, radiated by the brain of the person registered by means of EEG are used.

In induction therapy the physiological frequency spectrum which is presented is used:

  • Beta - A rhythm (14 Hz - 30 Hz - 14 Hz)
  • Alpha - a rhythm (13,5 Hz - 7,5 Hz - 13,5 Hz)
  • Teta - A rhythm (7 Hz - 4 Hz - 7 Hz)
  • Delta - a rhythm (3,5 Hz - 0,5 Hz - 3,5 Hz)

The basic influence of induction therapy is carried out first of all through influence on limbic system, structures thalamus which is in turn closely connected with matrix (mesenchyme). Extracellular matrix or mesenchyme - the space which is between blood vessels and cages (on the average, makes 25 % of weight of a body). In an organism carries out physiological function of "a molecular lattice" for cages through which all substances participating in a metabolism get. In matrix co-operate nervous, endocrinous and immune systems. First two co-operate with each other still in hypothalamus. Thus, matrix is a localization place in peripheral fabrics of system of the basic regulation (peripheral department immuno-neuroendocrinal systems), a feedback working by a principle. 

Mesenchyme is one of general managers of the systems participating in carrying out and information interchange in an organism. Thus induction therapy has bionormalizing an effect on information interchange processes in an organism of the patient, thereby potentiate self-restoration mechanisms. Psychosomatic correction by means of selective programs of induction therapy allows to influence process of formation of psychosomatic frustration by influence on braking and excitation processes in subcrustal structures (limbic systems) and cerebral cortex departments, and as mechanisms of their synchronization. The centre of emotions, motivations and memories, limbic the system (LS) as it is known is. LS at the same time is one of supersegmental vegetative structures.

Hypothalamus, entering into its structure, is responsible for regulation both ANS, and endocrine a link, in it there are centres of aggression, the food and sexual centres. Thus, LS is the higher integrative structure CNS which basic function is the coordination of emotional reaction and it neurovegetative and neuroendocrinal maintenance. LS is also the memory centre. Long-term memory is always emotional memory. The more brightly emotion, the probability of activation of a trace of memory there is more further. On expression "at fear good memory". The stressful condition endured by the person is fixed in long-term memory and remains in a kind of "memory traces" (engram).

Special value for development of psychosomatic frustration receives as a result a stock already developed engram or psychovegetative patterns. The original reason of relapse "revival" of corresponding semiology owing to revival of traces or psychovegetative patterns becomes frequent only. The more sharply there was a sense of danger for a life and health, the it is more probability of reproduction of the developed clinical picture as depression or its somatic equivalent.

The human body is open biological system which constantly communicates with an environment. The information arriving in an organism, at induction therapy, makes harmonizing impact on work of its operating systems that allows to treat diseases at all levels of pathological changes of subsystems of adaptation. Induction therapy at the expense of occurrence of resonant effects of interaction with electromagnetic fields of a brain serves as stimulus for restoration of normal work of the central and vegetative nervous system. At the expense of ability of an organism to remember the received information, the effect from carrying out of sessions of induction therapy remains for a long time.

Mesoinduction therapy

Therapy is a treatment, and mesotherapy is a treatment mesoderm. In aesthetic medicine mesotherapy is a correction of infringements of a condition of a skin and hypodermic fatty cellulose a method injective introductions in derma those or other active substances.

Mesoinduction therapy is a revolutionary method of influence on various infringements in an organism by means of noninjection local introduction medical and cosmetic structures directly in matrix, by means of special programs of induction therapy (modulating sanogenetical programs at matrix level) without damage of integuments and mucous membranes.

The method can will be applied at diseases and traumas of the locomotor-impellent device, a painful syndrome, miopathosis, diseases of peripheral nervous system. A unique way of introduction of cosmetic structures, a rejuvenation and preventive maintenance of ageing of a skin, cellulitis treatment.

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