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Express cources of thematic development from 8.04.2019 - 12.04.2019

"Electropuncture diagnostics,
medical testing and and therapy"

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Medical Center "Altimed" / Diagnostics principle on a method of R.Voll

Diagnostics principle on a method of R.Voll is based on measurement electroconductivity in biologically active points (Bath)

R.Voll has shown that biologically active points are capable depending on a functional condition of an internal and systems to change resistance of a skin to an electric current. R.Voll in the course of the researches has empirically deduced that for diagnostics of a condition of biologically active points (Bath) it is necessary to use an electric current of following parameters: pressure 3,2±0,1 In and a current strength 12,1 ± 0,3 mkA.

Thus for authentic diagnostics the testing current is necessary for submitting directly to point area, therefore an active electrode in a method of R.Voll looks like a metal core in diameter about 3-4 mm. Proceeding from parameters of a testing current and test conditions, R.Voll has developed a corresponding scale of interpretation of received indicators, thus normal for any tested point values of a current strength within 5,5-7,0 mkA are considered that there correspond 50-65 standard units of a scale of R.Voll. The main feature of interpretation in a method of R.Voll is the postulate proved by the author that electrophysiological properties of any point specify in a condition not all body or functional system, but only to any strictly certain part (for example, on separate points on the stomach channel define a condition of a gullet, a body of a stomach, the gatekeeper, peritoneum etc.)

The principle electropuncture diagnostics and medicamentous testing is based on measurement electroconductivity in biologically active points (Bath) which depends on character and intensity of course of chemical processes, and character of chemical bonds, in fabrics and the bodies having meridianal (electromagnetic) interrelations with presentation points of corresponding channels.

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