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Международная Ассоциация Интегративной Медицины
Express cources of thematic development from 3.06.2019 - 7.06.2019

"Electropuncture diagnostics,
medical testing and and therapy"

Next seminar
23.05.2019 - 24.05.2019


Our production have passed:
  • Eurocertification
  • Certification of Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine

  • Lanta-Zl

    The device Lanta Zl (or device) is designed for active bio-resonance therapy based on the generation of certain weak electromagnetic frequencies.
    Detailed information

    ATM Helper ML

    Every day you put yourself at risk, you can become a carrier of the virus without even knowing about it. As you may already be seriously ill and reconciled daily with the problem and just waiting for when you go on the amendment. Or do you just want to strengthen the immune system, while not taking a lot of different vitamins?
    The "Altimed"Ltd. company has found a solution for all 3 problems in the new device ATM Helper ML. ATM Helper ML is a unique development of "Altimed" Ltd., which includes the 400 mode, which allows to cover a wide spectrum of diseases, taking into account individual characteristics of the organism and the complexity of the disease course.

    Detailed information

    Medical device for antiparasitic therapy ATM Lanta Z

    We present to your attention an updated version of the legendary device Lanta-Z (ATM Lanta-Z), with additional features. The device Lanta-Z (ATM Lanta-Z) has been developed taking into account the latest technologies and years of research for more than 15 years, which allowed us to take the process of treating diseases caused by helminths, protozoa, bacteria, viruses, ticks to a new level.
    Detailed information

    АТМ – Helper-Personal

    A new development of Altimed company is a device for contactless impact - АТМ – Helper-Personal, which includes 100 unique modes specially selected for the most common diseases.
    Detailed information


    Device for EPD «АТМ» (in future device) intended for estimation of the functional state of organs and physiological systems of man by the method of elektropunkture diagnostics by Voll method, ATM-Express Test, conducting of sessions of passive bioresonance therapy.
    Detailed information

    ATM Express Test

    New version of the ATM Express software allows to make diagnostics of body state more accureletly. It adrives, using new functions, such as medical selector, measuring of alone organs and systems, and whole organism, search for BRT mode, using measured data.
    Detailed information

    ATM Express Interactive BRT

    Enhance opportunities for therapy and diagnostics for hardware-software complex, ATM, using the functionality IBRT. This tool allows to improve the quality of care by minimizing the subjective factor in the analysis of indicators, which is especially critical when using a doctor in the early stages of working with hardware - software system ATM-Express Test.
    Detailed information

    ATM Express-BRT with new possibilities in the form of addition to ATM Express

    New possibility of appointment and preservation of sequence of programs individually for each the patient with the subsequent updating. Allows to accelerate and facilitate therapy carrying out
    The detailed information
    Detailed information

    ATM Expres-Vega in the form of addition to ATM-Express

    The technique of diagnostics by system ATM "VEGA-Test" allows to carry full complex noninvasive investigation of an organism of the patient, and as bodies and systems in particular
    Detailed information

    ATM Express - Food Test

    New addition to the diagnostic complex АТМ Express is Food Test. With this addition you easily will be able to define bearableness of certain food product by your organism and degree his digestibility.
    Detailed information

    Therapeutic complex АТМ

    Therapeutic complex АТМ is next stage of development of not invazive biocybernetics medical technique in the field of integrative medicine.
    Detailed information

    The device for information carrying over the Transfer-ionizer

    The device is intended for electromagnetic activation of a liquid. Each microvolume of passed water is influenced by an electromagnetic field of certain parameters and the special bioresonance program
    Detailed information


    The device is intended for the electromagnetic activating of liquid. Every microcontent of the skipped water the electromagnetic field of certain parameters and special bioresonance program affects
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